Monday, April 30, 2018

Theresa does her thesis

Theresa does her thesis

Theresa studied at university for 37 years. She wanted a Phd but even at a young age, she got 6 fails at O level. But that did not deter her.

Working part time as a whore, her vagina could easily cover the fees and the fleas.

But Theresa kept failing, again and again. Her thesis Fees and Fleas, was simply not interesting, nor backed up by scientific and academic fact.

after failing her driving license for the fortieth time, her examiner would tell her a truth that would change her life-

Jump off a cliff or in front of a bus because you are without doubt a waste of oxygen.

Theresa thought about this. Not long, as her chain of thought only lasted four seconds.

She thought
perhaps I should change my thesis.

And she did!

It was called
Jumping off cliffs or under a bus what is the difference?

She passed with posthumous honours.

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