Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Window

The Window

What does ‘window’ mean to you?

‘Oh you smelly bastard, you farted, open the window.’

‘What a load of shite, I am throwing it all out the window.’

‘Did you see that fly pass the window? `

‘Who threw that brick through our window?’

‘Romeo, Romeo,’ she said whilst hanging out the window.

‘Oooh’, she said as the burglar climbed through the window, raped her and leaped out the window and legging it.

‘Tomorrow we will replace your windows with ones you can not see out of’. (British Society for the Blind.)

‘Don’t jump,’ they screamed from the crowds gathered down below looking at the man hanging out the window. (Which is a bit daft considering his neck was in a noose.)

‘I just got knocked by the window cleaner.’ She said as her husband caught her in bed with him.

Anymore – perhaps.

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