Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Terrible Torture of Blake Johnson - War Hero

The Terrible Torture of Blake Johnson - War Hero.

It all started when a tomato grew up thinking it was a carrot.

It was 1976 – when Ching Chang Choo fell off his bicycle in Hong Kong. No one paid any attention, not even the local media.

But. When Graham Hotel, was challenged on social media to cut his own head off and eat it – things got a little political.

And I quote from the Prime Minister’s question time in parliament this very morning.

‘Brexit means Brexit which means Brexit. And I will repeat myself – Brexit means Brexit. Brexit is fuck all to do with that idiot who was incapable of eating his own head off and who the fuck is Blake Johnson?’

Meanwhile – North Korea launches a nuclear armed rocket at the United States.

Luckily – a Norwegian scientist had discovered shit loads of plastic residue at the North Pole.

On the other side of our planet – a load of  excited  humans have just found out their ancestral grandmother owned a whore house in now what is known as Zimbabwe.

But – we can be grateful. Some nutcase – a Professor in Oxford University, has discovered that if you drink more than six beers one after another – it is a course for meeting a tree behind the wheel of a car.

However – if you had read all of the above – I conclude…

Who is the most insane? The writer or the reader?

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