Monday, April 30, 2018

The Sheep Slagger

The Sheep Slagger

Strange but true, but in 1894 the Australian Government was forced to extradite over 1800 Welshman accused of buggering around with the sheep they were employed to look after. It seems that in the winter months they liked to keep their willies warm whilst wearing wellingtons.

As such, sheep shagging was then proclaimed not only a sin, but, quite frankly
disgusting. Hence, the parliament passed into law that anyone who has anything to do with sheep (such as herding and shearing but not breeding), would only be allowed to slag em off.

That is why when you visit a sheep ranch in Australia, you will often here the herders shout things like
You stupid bastard shit of a sheep and I am fucking sick of you bint of a sheep jumping over stupid bloody walls whilst me trying to sleep, and If ya Baa at me once more you twat of a sheep, Im gonna take that ewe of yours and have it in a bloody good stew tonight and give your rotten mutton carcase to the collies.

So now you know.

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