Monday, April 30, 2018

The Return of King Louis the 14th.

The Return of King Louis the 14th.

With the French economy spiralling downwards
unlike a tornado that goes upwards, scientists came up with a brilliant solution.
Dig up the long dead and headless King Louis the 14th , and put him back on the throne. The idea was that the peasants will all go mad and in rampant rapture, hack all the politicians to death just like the good old days when Napoleon was around.

One problem
where was his head? Okay, he is dead but with modern technology, they can create another sixmillion dollar man.
The search was on. A new head for a dead king.

So, they opened the choice to the public.

The votes are still being counted
but you can participate
Robert Mugabe
Donald Trump
Drunk Tramp on the corner of Fourth street and Wall street
Ming mang YoYo Wong of North Korea
Tony, the toilet cleaner of Timbuctoo
Grinning glass skull

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