Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Man named Some Bloke

The Man named Some Bloke

Poor bloke. Bloke’s parents shagged each other. The mother was a cheap tart willing to do a quickie for any bloke spending the price of a pint of gin. The father was some bloke she met in a pub.

With a belly full of cheap gin and some bloke’s kid, she popped it out.

Totally pissed out of her box -including the kid who emerged totally pissed out of her box, pissed out of his box – she mumbled the father was some bloke and the kid’s name will be ‘Some Bloke’.

Some Bloke grew up; which is normal in the English language as no one grows down.

However – he was destined to spend most of his life in prison. A total innocent - he was accused of every crime.
In court, any defence of, ‘Some bloke did it.’ Was enough to get Some Bloke locked up again and again.

Some Bloke, after 45 years spent in prison with a few months break – had, had enough and he hung himself with the assistance of some bloke.

His death certificate was inconclusive because Some Bloke must have had some bloke to assist him. They do not know who this bloke is besides someone.

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