Monday, April 30, 2018

Steamy Stephanie

Steamy Stephanie and the mystery of why her vagina steams so much.

It is 2043
Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are long gone. A serious earthquake. Nearly everyone is dead. But not the migrants flooding over the Trump wall.

Stephanie walks about
like, just wandering around. Daft like. No clue.

what happens? Like wow and?

Fuck all. She keeps meandering around, stoned out her fucking head.

Her destination? A tree to shit behind.

Confused -  what is the front or the back of a tree? Whilst it is round, it has four sides. Only a tree can square a circle.

A woman approached with a shitzoo dog. It barked and splayed its teeth.
Stephine had learnt Kung Fu from TV and kicked the tiny dog into touch

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