Sunday, April 29, 2018

RIP – Professor Steven Hawking

RIP – Professor Steven Hawking

Who finally fell off his wheel chair. (Makes a change from kicking the bucket.)

A clever fucker, he lost just about everything but his mind.

In his bestselling book - ‘A Short History of Time’, I gathered that by chapter five …

He was off his rocker.

Going on about things like…if you wipe your black hole - time goes back to what you ate.

Then in Chapter 13 – the madman claims …

And I quote –

‘Read this Chapter 13 backwards and you arrive at Chapter 1 – a loop of perpetual time warping – evidence that human race is denser than the planet they live on’.

Well! I mean. Very upsetting.

I just had this brilliant idea.

This brilliant idea is in your defence to all charges against you – no matter what crime you committed.

Just say -

‘Uga-Uga. Wanky woo, nagga, nagga, hoc he minhn, Bruce Lee, aga- aga- winnie pooh’ – and  you you you will be released on a dog’s licence.

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