Sunday, April 29, 2018

RIP - Esther von Goldsteel. 1956-2018

RIP - Esther von Goldsteel. 1956-2018

At the age 57, Esther von Goldsteel, lost her employment as a cash desk operator after, in a freak accident, she was caught with her hands in the till.

After serving two years in a woman’s prison for the daftest bints, she looked for employment.

She didn’t look good at that age. All wrinkles, hanging breasts, orange skin around the bum and upper thighs, bingo wings BUT, she had determination rather than unemployment termination.

Jobs are scarce – however, there was a place for a pole dancer. (Experience needed.)

With no idea what that meant and not able to afford a fitness club specializing in the sport, but still determined – she spent hours in the dark in a car scrap yard looking for cars Made in Poland and ‘dancing’ by grinding her groin on gear sticks designed by Poles.

Sadly. (Very sad.) Just at the point when she thought she most probably had the moves well sorted out…

She got stuck in reverse gear and starved to death.

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