Sunday, April 29, 2018

Playing Cricket and Chess in a Squash Court

Playing Cricket and Chess in a Squash Court.

Unbeknown to the outside world, Professor David Adams spent 12 years prior to his death 27 years later, was writing for his PhD a paper entitled

‘The Futility of playing cricket in a squash court whilst playing chess.’

His paper was so controversial, it was hidden for decades under the law ‘Secret Crap of Destruction’.

However – under the law of 30 years of hiding the shit – the Sun newspaper revealed the truth.

In a four page exclusive with lots of pictures of young girls showing their breasts -

The idiot editor concluded that Professor David Adams was actually totally correct -

 It is impossible to play cricket and chess in a squash court.

But, Professor David Adams, as we recall, died when a tennis ball got stuck in his throat – has a brother, Professor Tony Adams, an expert in extra-terrestrial life in a slice of slightly buttered toasted bread.

His ground breaking thesis would change the attitude of many people having breakfast.

Luckily – before a riot broke out – the idiot was run over by a 1965 Ford fiesta, He died from rust infection.

Luckily he is survived by his twin - Professor James Adams. Who is an expert in ….

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