Sunday, April 29, 2018

Lost Time?

To much messing with FB.

But loads of sketches.

I totally forgot about this place.

So get ready.

Here are some quickies to start you off -

The facts of life

When you awake in bed and your partner stinks, is corpus cosmos and ice cold – it means they need a stiff drink.

If you read your horoscope – you tend to find the yesterday’s version was better.

Looking at the clock makes you go tick tock in the head.

A vulture above your head is better than a horse’s head in your bed.

A smartly dressed man is usually an insurance sales man or second-hand car dealer.

Anyone peddling Jesus, hopes to raise enough money for an Electric powered bike to get up there.

A foreigner is none other than someone who has not a clue who you are.

It is easier to drop bombs than ban plastic straws

Adding a peeled potato into your wash will make your clothes come out starched.

If you go to Africa and stand on an anthill with one leg – it means you are an amputee.

The best thinking ever done is when sitting on the toilet and there is no more paper.

Sex with a pauper will leave you penniless.

Defecating in a creek has nothing to do with a paddle and shit street.

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