Monday, April 30, 2018

Kevin the can collector of Kariba

Kevin the can collector of Kariba
Oddly this is based on a true story.
If he had been smart he would be a millionaire now.
But we have to go back to the late 1970s.

Some clever-clever
got the idea to sell a can with fuck all in it.
It was an empty can. I think the idea came about the time some clever-clever got you to buy a pet rock.
So it is a can. With nothing in it. But what made it so famous?

The label.
I recall it vividly. A picture of the Kariba wall. There were instructions. Open can breathe deep and enjoy the healthy air of the Zambezi valley.

They were sold in shops in Salisbury. Can
t remember the price.

Has anyone still have one?

Talking about cans.

This knob jockey was trying to find the North pole. Perry, I think was his name. Goes off with a load of losers and gets well fucking lost and fucked up.

the best bit they all died of lead poisoning. How is that for stupid shit?

Strus Bob! They would seal the tin cans of food with lead! What a bunch of idiots. Then
gets better with a tummy full of lead hack a hole in the ice and go for a swim.

You can imagine. Lead and noodles in the gullet and you keep swimming five thousand metres down till you hit rock bottom.

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