Sunday, April 29, 2018

Charlie – the Chilean Chilli Grower.

Charlie – the Chilean Chilli Grower.

Charles always dreamed, even as a young child, to be an astronaut. Most people agreed with this choice of profession - as there was nothing in his head but a vacuum. Even a clip around the earhole made him see stars.

Tragically, like all my sketches of terrible misfortune, dismembered people, death and sorrow, bowel movements and generally looking at the world from a rather warped point of view - Charlie would sadly, unfortunately, unhappily be refused a job at NASA - even as a monkey!

Deep in manic depression, Charlie’ psychiatrist came up with a cracking good idea -

‘Charlie, go to Chile and grow chillies. That way I can get out of my manic depression of having to see you.’

Charlie thought this a good idea. Even though he had no clue about growing chillies in Chile, he knew the experience would change his life. For in that empty head – he had a plan. For chillies were not cool.

If, a big if, he could grow chillies in the Andes above 7000 meters in sub-temperatures of minus 47 c – humans would no longer shit fire and brimstone, but snow and ice.

This being 1756 – Charlie was eaten by cannibals with his chilli seeds making a fine relish.

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