Monday, April 30, 2018

A visit to the Doctor

A visit to the Doctor by Jay, written by me as the ghost writer.
She has a sore shoulder.
She also suffers from bad hearing.

Do you consider yourself a beast?
Huh what kind of fucking mad question is that? Only when my boyfriend is with me.

What do you think will happen next after your telephonic assessment? `

 A cheaper WiFi connection?

No, Mrs Aston. We are talking about your soldier.

My soldier? He has a missing leg, I have a sore shoulder. Are you qualified for this job?

Are you stripped, anxious and depreciated?


Have you partied in such a way that your soldier could be worse off for it.

My soldier is made of tin and stands on my mantlepiece. Is this a hospital or a place for the mentally insane faculty for Doctors?

`Please rate between Beyonce and Tent, if your soldier is infecting you so much as to make you incomprehensive.

At this point in time - writing live as J tells me the story

Thats it. 

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