Saturday, May 05, 2018

Validmir Bolski drinks Votka and sings - 2018.

Validmir Bolski drinks Votka and sings - 2018.

It was the Russian yearly alternative to Eurovision sick up song contest.

A brilliant show followed by millions of Russians as they have millions of the drunk, mad fuckers causing trouble everywhere.

This show is easy. Drink shit loads of cheap Votka, and then see if the candidate can stand up on stage and sing some shite.

The Jury is a firing squad.

Thumbs down from the audience – bang. Drunken brains splashed to heaven, returning to earth in gooey, grey blobs.

On the 30th of February this year, Validmir Bolski, won.

Downing 17 bottles of pure Gorbachevian votka – he sung in pure Japanese the English song -

Rhodesia no koe o ageru

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