Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pedro from Peru – Professional Tennis Player

Pedro from Peru – Professional Tennis Player

At the age of 68, and ranked one million, two hundred thousand and five hundred and twelve in the world rankings – Pedro had a great idea.

Not a good one – but whatever.

It was when he was clipping his finger nails, when he thought – if – if I clip all the strings on my tennis racquet – I might win a game.

Well. His next game he lost 6 love, 6 love. But – he became famous overnight. I mean – the game was played in darkness against a blind man and he still lost.

Pedro decided to retire as he was rather tired of chasing a ball with a stick with a head of nothing.

He went home and murdered his wife because she burnt the chilli-con-carni, raped his own donkey, then  threw it into the amazon river and laughed as the piranhas had a feast and for good measure – shot himself in the head… and dies happily ever after.

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