Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Mungo Mongo and the Mysterious Missing Mango.

Mungo Mongo and the Mysterious Missing Mango. 

A manic story of murder, rape and pillage, as the greatest detective (TGK), solves the crime.
It is 1945 the NAZIs are defeated. But at the train station in Berlin, a lock up for luggage is opened -- to reveal?
Dead easy a corpse stuffed with mangos up his rectum, before being raped and all his possessions stolen.

TGK decides to put out an International arrest warrant.

It reads -

Eish, hey. Some mother fucker, bad news. Bummed some bloke to death, nicked his gear and a real sodomite hey, ekse.

DNA tests suggests it is a mountain guerrilla named, Mungo Mongo, who escaped after those commie swine bombed the zoo. If you can arrest him
he only understands his rights in German and Uga Uga.

It worked! His watch still could tell the time. But time? For what is time when it was running out? A fucking 300 kg mountain guerilla is on the loose in the bombed-out shell of a city and your battery needs changing in your watch?

Get a life, for fucks sake. The solution is easy. Change the battery.

However. Logically, in 1945, watches were made of cogs and stuff and prided themselves on having at least 17 rubies. What for? I bet no one has clue. But it was cool to say -
My watch has 56 rubies in it and looses more time than I have time to tell you.

Mungo Mongo is still on the rampage

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