Wednesday, January 25, 2017

West meets East

‘And, you got hand to the Turkeys hey. West meets East in Istanbul. Yeah, a load of bull, my fellow Americans. Did you know what the dump was called before?

My specialist, ‘Mad Dog Fucker’, Chief of Staff of  ‘Having Foreign Affairs’ (he is shagging some Mexican hairless bitch at the moment, not my taste actually, although I do like a bit of shaved pussy yowling on all fours), he told me – yes folks this is true – it was called ‘Constipation’!

Now imagine that hey. You go there. You eat some nice hamburgers from McDonalds on the West side, then cross over the bridge (which we built in 1645), and then eat some weird shit that taste likes concrete and sets so hard in your guts, you need a builder to remove the bricks with a pickaxe. ’

Now – I have no problems with the local bricks or the Turkey builders. But – listen to me people, if they gonna use a pickaxe on an American citizen – it must be American steel.’

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