Sunday, January 08, 2017

Chain Mail

Chain Mail

A satirical look at people’s stupidity on social media.

There are many versions of this phenomenon – but there is one underlying theme to them all – fucking idiots.

Let me explain.

How many times have you received requests to forward some shite that will bring you happiness, cure your cancer, bring joy and happiness to you and your family etc, etc?

Oddly – none claim to pay your internet bills, but there was a time that you could win a million dollars by passing on a Windows scam.

Also – have you noticed there is always the whip and carrot psychology?

It makes me laugh – no, really. I mean it. I didn’t study the brain set of idiots for free you know. Actually it cost the UK tax payer over 20k, but that is their problem – not mine.

It works like this – Blah –blah blah, and more blah blah blah blah about some crap AND then – the whip -


Your innards will be riddled by worms, your children will die at the age of 12 with dementia, your vagina will dry up and drop off and your penis will catch leprosy.

If you pass this on – you will be able to read it and pass it on because you are too stupid to think for yourself. You will smile and be happy.

Brilliant hey! Meanwhile, back in the real world…

The kids are no longer at home (you hope), and you have nothing better to do than sit comatose in front of a LED screen, read some postings of utter bullshit, click ‘like’ between a glass of wine/beer or twelve and THEN -

a Chain mail. How lucky can you be? Salvation. You are one click away from being cured from cancer, winning the lottery and saving dolphins from being eaten by the Japanese.

I rest my case. If you do not pass this on – your brains will implode with frustration – but IF you pass this on. Ahh, you will have reached the heights of understanding ‘The Gokwe Kid’. For that is heaven and hell in disguise.

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