Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rhodesians Worldwide Magazine

Hah, how about this hey! Cool beans or what. This is the latest RWW magazine. Great little rag and well worth subscribing to. I will certainly continue and place more adds.

On the back cover is (top right) Dave Parrington. He is mentioned in a chapter of StP. We went to the same school, Mount Pleasant High, Salisbury, Rhodesia and the same swimming club. Dave (as you know), went onto represent Zimbabwe in the 1980 Olympics as a diver.

I never could work out what made people walk a plank freely, hop around on it like some semi-naked crazed druggie, leap high into the air and then perform terrible contortions of writhing pain, before piling 30 feet, head first, into the bottom of a 15 foot deep pit full of ice water. Madness!
Now he is a top notch head coach in America. (And a member of FB TGK.)

Bottom left – the one and only The Gokwe Kid, chillaxing with the last copy of RWW in Mühldorf am Inn, Bavaria, Germany. As for my aquatic career with MP swimming club. I hated every moment of it. All those beefy lads with shoulders the same as Arnold Schwarzenegger, and legs that could kick start a jumbo jet, would with gleeful shouts leap into the water and swim faster than a starving shoal of piranhas.

Me, with my half starved, skinny form shivering in fear, would hesitatingly put an emaciated large toe in the water and screech as I immediately received frostbite. At this point some bastard usually pushed me in. Even the piranhas didn't bother wasting energy stripping a bit of shrivelled flesh from my bones.

Two years I put up with this torture. (I did love the trips to Beira though.) My Daddy had wanted me to become a champion. But I finally quit after entering the 4 by 100 metres individual madly, at the annual 'let's race each other' competition. It was supposed to last only a day but dragged on for another two as people screamed enthusiastically at me to hurry up.

I recall, treading water, whilst having a breather on the second lap, shouting back -

“What is all the fuss about? There is no one behind me!”

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