Saturday, January 05, 2013

Beer – till death do us part.

Sigh. The dreaded time has arrived yet again. The fridge is empty. It is raining a sort of Inyanga type ‘guti’. Tomorrow is Sunday and here all the shops are closed.

Option one – do nothing and await the shakes of withdrawal.

Option two – look up the bus times and drag sorry arse along with a little case down the road and wait for bus. Then either a) rush like a lunatic and purchase as much as possible in 10 minutes, fast track through the checkout and stagger coated in sweat to catch the bus on the way back…or b) miss that bus and wander around stupidly for an hour plus in the supermarket killing time so as to catch the next bus home.

This of course depends if they are running every hour because today is Saturday. A quick look at the timetable shows that sadly, it appears that I am well shafted by the local public transport as it appears they running around about every THREE hours. Even Kambasha’s bus in Gokwe had a better service.

Which leaves me with the worst option of all – the evil monster on two wheels. The mere thought of mounting it fills me with dread. But I will be brave, I will look at my General Service Medal, beat my chest and shout out the window ‘We are Men of Men’, and mentally prepare myself for the awful trip ahead.

So before I go out into the wilds yet again, please note that you can now help me out with a beer or two. Just click on the Paynow button on the right. Many thanks…

To be continued - if I return in one piece…

1 comment:

Suki said...

Pull your stomach in, clench your butt muscles and act like a man (and not a mouse)....Get out there and show the world that you have STILL GOT IT!

Buy you a beer - nope! You need to treat us - Pull the other one buddy.


Later dude