Sunday, December 16, 2012

STP – Simply The Pest

STP – Simply The Pest

When we were in Rhodesia, as kids we went through a phase of collecting stickers. They would be traded at a furious rate. Lives could be taken and fights broke out. Because of sanctions stickers were seriously hard to come by. I recall one coveted sticker – STP

It was some bullshit fuel additive. A bit like Redbull of today. Still, I thought how weird…STP;  because that is the title I have decided on for my next book  - Simply The Pest

You don’t really have to wait long for it. I am well into it. It is bad, mad and wicked. Some are rewrites of old stuff posted on this blog, but much better because…

Yeah, I got my degree. It is official. A BA (open) from the Open University. I am carrying on for honours, which will be a doddle. I did all the hard shit and only need a few credits at Level 1 to wrap up big time. I picked something easy – German for beginners. Hah-hah, I lived in the place for twenty years and now I am back again spreching the Deutsche almost every day. Four tiny exams spread over a year - I don’t exactly have to extend myself.

So, I wrapped up the last heavy exam for my 60 credits with a passable Grade 3 pass. I was more than happy because I was in the middle of moving and had also lost total interest in the module. My last TMA (Teacher Marked Assignment) submission went down badly. I redesigned a Wi Fi remote controlled via Skype vibrator. Teacher was not amused and refused to mark it. It was passed up the hierarchy and two months later I received a close fail. I still haven’t bothered to open the sent comments. I didn’t give a monkey – I was still well okay for the pass I needed.

Ah, it is so nice to have all those fancy letters after my name. Quite a list now –

Karl Greenberg
BA (Open)
Dip LCW (Open)
Cert Hum (Open)

My ex asked me if they will bring in any money. Not really, but I know that I wouldn’t be writing without the input from the Open University, so quite frankly, she can go fuck herself.

Back to STP – yeah, you will love it. Totally different to The Gokwe Kid, it is made up of different anecdotes that slowly weave together to create the legend and just when you think it is over, I hit ya with a sequel of what happens after I flew away from Rhodesia.

Stay tuned and don’t forget, I post loads of nonsense and silly quizzes on my Facebook page Gokwe Kid, so join and have some fun.

Oh…almost forgot. I have some serious competition. His name is Steve, and the tosser happens to be also a fake Jewboy from Salisbury and also has a cutting edge writing wit (the bastard). He has made me realise I have been complacent and the swine wants my coveted titles – Rhodesian X Factor (1977), Strictly come Soldiering (1978, runner up), I am a Coward – Get me out of Here (1978), and Rhodesia has No Talent (1977).

I will keep an eye out for this great pretender…

And – last but not least –

Sales of The Gokwe Kid are doing very well. All my reviews are top besides some twat who thought he had been done over by having to buy Part 1 and 2 on Kindle…hah-hah…it’s a hard knock life.

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