Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Join the BSAP – it is so Cool!

Amazingly, it is sort of a wrap. As in - 40 chapters sent to the editor with 352 pages. That is without photos and cartoons. Okay, he is missing one chapter, a big one. I am still awaiting some FACTS. Okay, things will start to change on this blog soon, but meanwhile…

Hard to believe, but my guardian angel (after a long bloody break), decides to turn up and casually toss a bit of a teaser in my lap. So…when I was a little boy and a gob shite Boy Scout, the police turned up one night at our Scout Hall during our weekly Friday bum-chumming. Of course, I legged it quick because they might still be looking for the bush arsonist from a few years ago,…not really (not).

Anyway, they looked really cool and showed us a film about why we should join the BSAP. I had forgotten about this film until I saw it again today.

If you want to purchase my book – watch this please, because it will make you not only understand, but transport you into the magical surrealistic world of the BSAP of Rhodesia. Little had superficially changed by the time I joined. I recall as a nipper going to the BSAP show. By the time I joined it had been stopped due to lack of manpower due to the war. Anyway – watch this. It is a bit long, so get a drink…

The film was made in 1968. Ron Steele, ex BSAP, was involved in the making of it whilst working with Liaison & Recruiting. It is pure propaganda…I bloody love it – YEAH!

The Peacekeepers from Ron Steele on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

This certainly is very cool - have never seen this before and wonder if this was ever shown in schools? If not , should have been. Though to be fair , was only 8 in 1968, so probably not the best recruiting age. I remember the Police show vividly though , and especially loved the dogs.