Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Three Chimps On The Shirt

Is England going home? As far as I am concerned they thoroughly deserve to lose against Slovenia tomorrow. It would serve them bloody well right. Useless is not a good enough word for their performance. Even the French seem to have thrown their diamond encrusted toys out the cot with more enthusiasm than the English players!

I would like Slovenia to hold the wasters to a draw or even win – except, except for one reason. More than anything - I desire to see them face Germany in the next round. (Germany had bad luck in their second game), and watch the three lions on the shirt get kicked right back into the African bush where they belong.

As for Capello, his only mistake was to take the job on in the first place. Either tomorrow or at the latest this weekend, he will have to fall on his sword – but only after beheading the entire team in front of their WAGS.

Then England can start from scratch under the command of the only Brit who can create a real team…Sir Alex Ferguson.

I am off to the bookies to put a couple of quid on Slovenia to win 1-0. Hah hah.

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