Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soaring Eagle will scratch crying Lion's eyes out.

With just hours to go, will sauerkraut and wurst replace fish and chips? Can the moaning millionaires whinge their way to victory? I must say, you would think so after all the hoopla when the Three Chimps on the Shirt managed to smother the world cup’s tiniest participating nation, Slovenia.

Well, I have a £2 on the Germans to win 2-0. Even if the English beat Huns, they won’t go much further. But, they will blabber on and on to infinity and beyond about how the shot the eagle down. Hah! I think not. England has been preparing their excuses for days now. It’s the balls fault. It’s the ref’s fault. It’s the manager’s fault. It is too hot/cold. Pitch is too dry/wet. Couldn’t hear the whistle because of the vuvulzela.

Oh well, at least it wasn’t the player’s fault. I mean, if they are earning eighty thousand pound a week each to kick a ball around – they are surly not to blame? Actually, I can think of a great incentive to make sure they win. Their next friendly would be against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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Solitary Man said...

On the bright side, Germany gave England a good hiding. Just a pity you lost your hard earned cash. Next time you must use Zim$!