Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gigabyte Genie – The Digital Delights of Erik Johansson

I stumbled across this today and think it is worth a mention.

Loads of people are rather adapt with their cameras and using Photoshop. This young man (24) is self taught, but what makes him stand out is his unique lateral thinking approach. He somehow takes the obvious and ‘paints’ a different picture. Some of his work is very simple, such as the Ikea pic.

Others are so intricate in their impossibilities. The detail is fantastical -

In this picture, although we do not see the shocked face, the release of the knife says it all. And – just look at the reflections – brilliant stuff.

Jimmy was having another boring Sunday afternoon at home. Pissed and stoned out of his skull whilst watching assassin Geena Davis in Long Kiss Goodnight slicing vegetables at the speed of light, he decided to have a go. Sadly it took his inebriated brain a while to register that his pet rabbit didn’t eat meat.

More can be seen Here


Anonymous said...

"More can be seen here"

Seems link has been spirited away by "Genie"

Lore said...

It is now working. sorry about that.