Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rhodesia Beware : your enemies are everywhere!

A Pro-Zimbabwean

Reading Reuters Africa, I came across an article with the usual blah-blah about the present state of Zimbabwe. Very easy to précis the article – ‘would be totally down the plug-hole if the drains weren’t blocked’.

It is the readers’ comments that make the whole thing worthwhile. One, calling himself Bernard, dribbles so much rubbish that even Goebbels would cringe. Another by Afrocentric, also a Black African, verges on academic paper brilliance. This guy should be running Zimbabwe! The other comments are rather well divided evenly between ‘I know more than you, you racialist bastard’, and ‘Fuck-You too, you stupid racialist bastard’. Not quite in those terms of course, but between the lines. Good laugh if you’re bored and have read everything on my blog.

An Anti-Rhodesian

This woman (pic above) is an avowed anarchist. She claims to come from a revolutionary peasant stock but is also a lawyer here in ‘Was Great Britain’. Reading her ranting about ‘us’, it doesn’t take long to realise most of her clients are African (by that I mean Black people, because as far as this woman is concerned, White people shouldn’t live in Africa), whom tend to swing a tad to the right; such as Despots, Tyrants and Dictators.

She is undeniably very clever and knows her stuff, unlike the majority of idiots posting comments on the Reuter article. I came across her while doing a search of Rhodesian blogs. Hers came up with the tag – fuck Rhodesia. Naturally I was curious.

The article is worth reading to the end, you will gag on it. I have only one thing to say to her – see the picture below!

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Anonymous said...

Read Stephi's stuff again, it is parody.

Loved the picture of Stephi, pierced ears, pierced nose, and wears leather. Now if she owns a pub/bottle shop/off licence she would be my perfect woman.