Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dr Gideon Gono - Supreme Idiot

This man is called Dr. Gideon Gono. Some details can be found about him here

The mad man of economics - Africa style, even has a web site -

Some other details I have gleaned from various articles on the Zimbabwe Situation website.

These include –

He started of at the Reserve Bank as a ‘tea-boy’ but was promoted after he was caught counting each grain of sugar to try and work out how many make a 14 and a quarter teaspoons.

His degree came from a university that also sells ‘lucky bags’ with do-it-yourself Zimbabwe driving licences.

The Dr. stands for doctored, as in budgets.

His signature has been reproduced more often than all the signatures in the world and all of them on legally binding bits of paper promising something. (But no one knows what.)

He rewrote the rules of a popular television game and called it Double Your Money and Make Yourself Poor.

Accountable to no one because no one can work out his accounts, Gone has single handily set a world record in the art of putting zeros on to bank notes, take them off, put them on, take them off and put them on again with such frequency that the money came to nought.

His latest best seller is called ‘Degrees of Blame’ where he correctly identifies the temperature needed to set a ‘brick’ of Z$ 20 billion dollar notes on fire to cook an egg, if a chicken can be found to lay one. This is blamed on sanctions.

As a result of his brilliant control of the economy, his tenure as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was given another five years. This he desperately needed to complete his mansion.

A controversial figure, Gono was recently lampooned by the Zim army who have distributed flyers around the capital Harare recently. Via a friend who received one in the post and sent it on to me, here it is.

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Happy New Year and please keep tuning in.

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