Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday.

Today is a special day because one of the most amazing people on this planet is celebrating his birthday. I am of course referring to my son David who is turning eighteen, and not some grey haired old man in South Africa.

To celebrate this wonderful day I have taken the liberty to steal a few ideas from the ‘Rainbow Nation’ and instead of candles for the cake I am going to set fire to 90 Zimbabweans. Oops, sorry…hah hah, I was getting confused, I mean 18. After all, we don’t want hints of genocide swirling around the U.N. again.

As an extra birthday bonus I thought I would make a little video and post it on YouTube. Unfortunately I didn’t have much imagination, so I patched together this little bit of nonsense.


ruralwalesdirect said...

Brilliant work lovely apt tune ..

keep it up Lore !

coutram said...

My thoughts exactly - apt tune - but wrong house. Be sure someone drains the pool first before setting the fuse.