Saturday, October 27, 2007

Instant Diesel - What a Gas!

I first came across this story a few months ago but put it down to being too silly to take seriously. It has now appeared in the international press after more details were reported in the Zimbabwean Financial Gazette.

Basically, its about a ‘Spirit Medium’ who persuaded the government that she could produce refined diesel out of a solid rock by chanting and striking it with her staff. Sounds a touch biblical! For this miracle, the woman was given £1.5 million! Plus a farm (ex-White farmer’s of course), and a few other benefits.

The whole sorry tale has now unfolded, and it is a must read.

You should go on to read the comments from others. If anything, it proves the wanton greed and utter stupidity of the people who are supposed to be governing Zimbabwe.

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