Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tony Blair - Good Bye and Good Riddance

For those who may not know it, the great leader of the United Kingdom has today done a runner, jacked in his job and will ride off into the sunset and make loads of money by talking more unbelievable lies to idiots who pay to hear them.

In my homage to him, I searched the net to find a general picture of the type of populace that voted him into power and kept him there for 10 painful years. It was difficult as there were so many examples, all having their own merit but in the end I settled on this one.

As you will see in this short film, these Labour supporters tend to be well educated, completely in control of their mental capacities and, as in this example, the backbone of the British economy. The glue that holds British society together is apparent in the comradely way this clip has been presented. The young man starring in this moving tribute is unquestionably a role model for the word Great before the Britain.

What did interest me, and you need sharp eyes to notice it, is what appears to be a very large GERMAN influence! Watch the video and see if you can spot what I did.

Did you spot it? Yes, the beer tin looks suspiciously like it is a Summerfield’s own brand Bavarian Wheat Beer 5.3%. I do have a special affinity to the stuff, as it is the real Mc Coy. As an expert on wheat beer, or as it is correctly pronounced, WeissBier, this wonderful brew is on the par to the famed weiss beer made by Paulauner of Munich. In fact, I secretly think it is from the same brewery. So, look for that silver and blue can, sometimes it is on a special at 99 pence a pop (weep blood, Paulauner is selling at 28 pence a pop in Germany), and give it a go!

Then you too can also get so shit faced, that you will demand that the new Prime Minister of Binging Britain, Gorden Brown’s first job is to reduce the tax on alcohol. That, after all, is guaranteed to get him loads of votes.

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