Friday, April 27, 2007

ZIMBABWE : Ploughing Inflation Under

Zimbabwe has decided to correct some more colonial wrongs by reissuing the First Day Cover : Rhodesia 26th April 1968 15th World Ploughing Contest.

The word Rhodesia will be replaced with Zimbabwe. The stamps will then be presented in reverse order to better represent the enormous agricultural progress since the land thieving whites were kicked off to be replaced by their rightful owners.

The denominations will be also changed.

  1. Whiteman on tractor, Rhodesia 2 shillings and sixpence, will now be Zimbabwe $ 2,5 million.
  2. Steam powered tractor, Rhodesia 1 shilling, will now be Zimbabwe $10 million
  3. Ox and plough, Rhodesia 9 pence, will now be Zimbabwe $ 90 million
  4. Bush plough, Rhodesia 3 pence, will now be Zimbabwe $ 3 trillion

Concerns have been raised by the printers that the last stamp may have to be enlarged to the size of an A4 envelope to accommodate the necessary zeros.


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Just found your blog.Will have to spend some time reading it. See my journey through Rhodesia in 1953

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