Monday, April 02, 2007

I Feel My Pain

I am suffering from post root canal surgery. It is not nice. To make matters worse, the large hole in my molar has only been temporarily filled in and I have to wait another two weeks before the final completion. However, should the pain become unbearable during this time, I intend to take three aspirins, a bottle of scotch and pull the bastard out with a pair of pliers.

As we all now know, Mad Captain Bob has been allowed to steer the good ship Zimbabwe deeper into the dark waters, bouncing off icebergs on the way. No doubt he will be re-elected in 2008 despite the huge combined efforts of Western imperialistic nations to displace him and put Ian Smith back at the helm. I get rather tired reading some of the garbage being written about whose fault it is that Zimbabwe is in such a state. I mean, exactly who are they kidding when they believe that all the ex Rhodesians want to come rushing back and take over the place again?

I managed to rig up a very interesting little tool called Google Analytics which gives me an incredible detailed stat report about this blog. Sadly it can’t fix it! Anyway, some of the information garnered is that the story, Learning Afrikaans is the most popular hit. That particular anecdote will be rewritten eventually but at the moment I am busy redoing the Gokwe bit. Hopefully I will have the whole lot finished for this Xmas, so start saving now. I could also see how many new people have visited as against returning fans the last month. I was well surprised to see that almost 70% are new people.

The Google map they supply is so sophisticated I can even see which town visitors are coming from! Some of them are real puzzling, like the hits from Ghana.
Could the person who lives in Dubai see if they can trace a certain Mike Yoko. I believe he is head of a hotel security unit. I have to slowly start tracing certain people to get permission to use their real names. Mike was my shift boss when I was stationed in Gwelo.
Another name is ex Staff Inspector Mike Lambourne. He was my squad instructor back in ’76 at Morris Depot. That reminds me; anyone got any pictures of Morris Depot?

Finally, someone pointed out to me that I had forgotten to put my Email address in my profile section, so I finally got around to doing that. Eventually I will try to redo the links. I see that the title still appears to be a bit cropped when using IE. I still haven’t figured out what the hell is wrong with my PC so the Blog is still completely white background. Very frustrating.

Catch ya laters.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, not sure how old this post is but I thought I would reply anyway. I worked for a international hotel chain called Jumeirah. I was the assistant security manager of one of their London properties, Mike Yoko was based in Dubai as the Security Director for this hotel chain. I left there a while back but was informed that Mike had also left for a different company also in Dubai. I would suggest possibly carrying out a search on Linkdin for his details.