Monday, February 26, 2007


Nope, nothing to do with Zimbabwe - they are beyond help. I gather from a quick look at the Zimsituation site that Mad Bob had a great party. Waffled on for hours about homosexuals. Everyone is starving and he is worried about a few Morfs!

Talking of Morfs, someone wrote to me that it is actually Moffys or Moffies or whatever. Something Afrikaans. I dunno. I just remember that every Thursday it was Morf Day at Allan Wilson Technical School. This entitled boys to jump on each others backs and make movements like rabid, rampant, sexually deprived mongrels against your body whilst screaming ‘Morf-Morf’. I never did ascertain the reason for this. Another former inmate of this same strange school for sexual retards posed the question, who actually started the tradition that Thursday was officially Morf day? I would have thought it might have been more consistent in the course of questioning to start with – What deranged idiot started the tradition, and hopefully he died of Arse Injected Death Sentence a long time ago? Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t really have anything against Morfs, after all I have one in my family (whom is proud to boast about how often he uses his bidet to clean his ring), but I just don’t fancy one.

My problem at the moment, besides many, is the fact that whilst I was trying to repair this Blog, after I switched to their much touted, ‘better than je’ waffle, strange things happened. Now when normal people click on my blog they get a green background and stuff. I don’t get any! It’s all white. It gets worse. It doesn’t matter where I go on the web. ALL sites are missing serious chunks of their background graphics. This is the same on Firefox or Explorer. Can any one help!!!

I also realise that my counter has disappeared. I hope to rescue that, but my old brain struggles with stuff like that.

Still, I can be grateful for small mercies. I am on-line, have a roof over my head, tins in the fridge and food!

Catch ya later.


Fiona said...

I am most definitely a hardware expert, but there are a few things I can think of: 1. Are you running from a server (considering the hassle you've had with puta, I think not) 2. Your graphics driver is kaputten 3. Your internet speed is erm...slow.

Just off the top of my hairdo. It may trigger someone out there.

Fiona said...

Sorry, I should have said I am most definitely NOT a hardware expert. But I am tired.

Anonymous said...

Have you got an ad blocker blocking graphics? Or something unchecked in your internet advanced tools?