Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Greatest Penalty Ever

When I was at school with the great goalkeeper, the legendary Bruce Grobbelaar, I made a bet with him.

'I will place a ball on the penalty spot, go into goal and I bet you miss. Should you score, I give you a dollar. Should you miss, you give me two.'

Laughing, he agreed and meeting at a school pitch at 1.15 pm, hundreds of bored brainless heads had gathered to watch the humiliation.

With much cackling and jeering from the cheap skates in the front row of the stands, I managed with a bit of blue tac, to attach the ball exactly on the penalty spot.

Taking off my school tie, I stood in goal and started clowning around. I stood on my head, leapt up on the the posts, swinging like a drunken monkey, made 'Uga Uga' sounds and awaited the great Bruce's booting a ball into school history.

Laugh? - I nearly passed a stool at school. He gave it a great kick. Problem was I had filled the ball with helium.

Last I read from NASA, the ball had just passed Uranus.

Bruce complained I had cheated and never paid up.

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