Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Terror in Berlin

Terror in Berlin

I really feel about this. Rhodesians grew up with terror and terrorists. Germany is my home and I love the people.

Pointless to debate – this is neither the time nor the place.

I am not religious – but I certainly understand the Xmas cheer.

It fulfils much – the end of a year, good or bad and hope for the future.

I consider myself lucky – on the bones of my arse – Germans picked me up and gave me hope again.
I will be with D and the kids for Xmas eve (celebrated here, not Xmas day), and I can even afford them presents. Almost a tradition now - we go to the shit hot cinema in Munich to watch the latest Star Wars thing in 3D, then dinner and present giving.

Strange – where that lunatic ploughed his truck into all those people, I know well. I spent altogether two years in Berlin on various building site projects. It is, or was, sort of the centre during the cold war. It is/was not particularly a nice place.

The old church had the hell bombed out of it in WW2. Next to it the Berliners built a new one – a horrible monstrosity of glass bricks.

Around the entire square were dark skinned, shifty characters waiting for customers. On each corner was a Vietnamese selling illegally imported cigarettes. I would go down there every couple of weeks for two reasons.
One – there was a KFC – the only one in Germany at the time. I love KFC. And Two – I could (if lucky), score some dope.

Why am I telling you this? Because life then and now, goes on.

So – take time to watch this …

This is taken from the audio book.

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Anonymous said...

The terrorists won in Rhodesia and they will win in Germany.