Sunday, December 18, 2016

Life according to Bill and Ben –The Pot Heads.

One afternoon, down in the pub, the pair are having a quiet pint. As usual the discussion is very philosophical.

‘I stood on a parrot’s head yesterday.’

‘Did it squawk?’

‘No, just a squelching.’
‘Very onomatopoeia.’

‘Mmm. I shot at a pidgin pigmy protester on Passover. It passed over but made it piss ’
‘Tut, tut. Very hard to hit. Pigeon 12 bore shot - perfect.’

‘I heard that Superman flew faster than the wind around the Earth.’
‘I saw that article in a Scientific Journal.’

‘Mmm. How is your pint?’

‘Very quiet. So quiet, it is dead. Your round. But – about Superman.  If he passes wind whilst flying faster than the wind, will he fly head first into his own stench?’

‘Mmm – very articulate.  Yours a Guinness?’

‘Cheers mate. I had to go to hospital on Wednesday. A terrible pain in my cobblers.’

‘Got a serious kicking shoe in them?’

‘Nah. I was knocking Mrs Knight’s knockers, when catastrophe.’

‘Mmm - Knackers in a knot?’

‘Yeah. Time for a joint, me thinks.’

And so we leave them till the next episode of ‘Bill and Ben – The Pot Heads’.

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