Monday, December 19, 2016

A strange incident

This was written by my china Eddie on my infamous FB site 'The Gokwe Kid'  - he is learning...

As I strolled down the road oblivious to life in general, it hit me. I think it was a number 9 bus.

As it drove over my legs and shattered them like match sticks, I couldn't help noticing that the brake pipe on the front offside wheel was leaking and made a mental note to tell the driver about this. I wouldn't want him to hurt himself.

I did think to myself...."What a waste of my new haircut". Only yesterday the young lady has snipped away for what seemed like four days (trying to wrack up the bill I suspect) and now here I am bouncing my head off the road and the underside of this lovely red bus leaving most of my scalp behind.

I say red could have been blue, who knows, there was so much blood splattering every where I thought it was raining.

You have to hand it to the driver, he was good. I don't think he managed to miss not one single bone in my body. Now that takes skill.

Any hoooo. To cut a long story short (a bit like what was left of me), I was having a bit of a rough day.
"Never mind" I thought as my lifes blood poured down the drain.." I can always catch the next one"

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