Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The girl who could feel nothing . Continued...

The girl who could feel nothing . Continued...Part 11 (I think I missed out Part 9 but … ahh; fuck it – it never existed.)

I found what I wanted. Clean, discreet, never asked for I.D and had WiFi. Now for operation paint job -

'Hi Hans, I am Veronica Schmidt.' I flicked my shoulder length red hair over my black leather jumpsuit. 'I am here to give you the blow job . Ahh - I mean paint job.'

(Of course this is all in German, but since most of you peasants reading this would not have a clue, - I translate it.)

'Holy fucking shit! That is a Lotus Esprit!'

Such a clever boyo hey. 'Yes, well done, it is your job to repaint it.'

'But, but, Frau Schmidt, as I explained, we are very busy. Maybe next week?'

I hate being fucked about. Time to take control. Grabbing him by the throat I had his head touching the ceiling.

'Listen Fritz..erm Hans (Fuck it, the Germans all have only two names), See this? It is 15k Euros. All yours if you do as I want and, if you lucky, I might jerk you off. Get my message?'

Oddly, I had to let him go into his own pool of urine so he could catch his breath and try to answer. 'Now, here is an exact list of the paint you will use. Okay?'

Looking at the list – 'Frau Schmidt – 10kg of shredded pure silver? Where do I get that? And I do not even recognise most of these chemicals you want to mix into the paint!'

'The silver is in the boot, tosspot. Just follow the recipe and I see you in 48 hours. Oh, and give me the keys to your car.'

Getting the silver was a real hoot. I had stopped off in Munich at a coin shop. Whilst they ran around finding all sorts of crap coins and a couple of bars to make up the weight, I simply helped myself to some rarities worth about 50k. Not a bad exchange. I simply pocketed it all (hah- hah – such fun writing this memoir. My pants were now worth a fortune... lol.) But, I have plans for that little stunt.

With a couple of days to kick my heels – well, what does girls do? We go...SHOPPING – again, Tra-la lah! I needed some new shoes.

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