Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie – RIP

David Bowie – RIP

It does not come more tragic than this. It does not matter what news channel I flick through, German, American, Sky or BBC – the world is stunned.

Hard to believe really.

I recall in Gokwe, I was returning to Gokwe town in a Landy and ahead of me was Alan Golden. He had a cassette player. He tied down the send on the radio and I had the pleasure of listening to Aladdin Sane till the batteries ran out!

Then – a few years later I am in Norwich, UK, shacked up with a girl called Heather who was 7 years older than me. One day we are listening to Bowie and she came out with -
'I had a dinner date with him once, when he was still David Jones.'

Turns out that was that.

And, besides, I have loads of his albums – I was lucky to see him in concert – twice. AND – I still have the tickets.

Bad news for the world of music... But, he will live for ever.

I love this one (among hundreds), -

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