Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dylann Roof Last Rhodesian Charleston massacre

I, Karl Greenberg, along with all of the last Rhodesians, are appalled and condemn the perpetrator

We express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

I cannot, nor can my friends, understand why this obviously very disturbed young man, calls himself 'Last Rhodesian'.

I have nothing to do with this. I presume this blog and perhaps my Facebook site 'The Gokwe Kid' and also my books, both subtitled 'Last of the Rhodesians', will be under scrutiny.

I have nothing to fear. In all those million words plus written – there is not a racist word (unless deliberate as anti-racist).

That I have not posted here is down to several reasons. Fighting depression, laziness, lack of motivation and too much time spent entertaining my fans on FB.

This must change and I must update more often. I like to believe I am an entertainer, but this is not the time.

The truth is out there. Read what I say and you will see a complete opposite to what is presently on the news and in the newspapers regarding the Last Rhodesians.

Karl Greenberg
BA (Hons) Open (Open)
Dip LCW (Open)
Cert Hum (Open)
Author of the cult classics – Last of the Rhodesians - Chronicles of an African Anarchist
The Gokwe Kid and Simply the Pest


Gareth Mackenzie said...

I second your statement Karl. I'm disgusted that this scumbag has used our beautiful country's name in vain. No living Rhodesian or their children would behave this way.

Anonymous said...

Well said Karl Greenberg. This Dylann Roof wasn't even born at the time of the liberation struggle. For him to adopt the identity of being the last Rhodesian is humiliation to all ex Rhodesians, both black, white and coloured.

Anonymous said...

Guys, you're at the wrong site.

This guy's blog is unrelated to Dylann Roof. This blog is by an actual Rhodesian person.

Dylan Roof's site is at

Anonymous said...

Love your writing Karl. When I saw the criminal's site I immediately thought of you and came here to check. Stay proud and strong. The truth will out and that liar and murderer will enter the dustbin of history.

Anonymous said...

I agree. All Rhodesians (myself included) are horrified that this person has used the Rhodesian flag to vent his personal issues and that our history has been dragged into such a scanario.

Anonymous said...

May be it is time to not use the name Rhodesia and use Zimbabwe, which is based on our Great Zimbabwe. Rhodesia is just associated with racism and so it makes sense for people around the world aspire to Rhodesia. The name Zimbabwe is not based on a person's name and so we can all associate with it.

Anonymous said...

I would REALLY like someone to explain to why, 35 yrs after it ceased to exist,,people fall over themselves to call themselves and proclaim their love for all things Rhodesian. I was born before independence, but would never refer to myself as a Rhodesian. Why persist in associating yourself with what was clearly white supremacist (let's call a spade a spade) regime? And then you're surprised / horrified when something like this happens.

Anonymous said...

Your book is certainly not a racially harmonious book. Its has a white supremacist outlook. This is why Dylann Roof read it and got influenced and inspired by it enough for the book to be one of the literary pieces that he identified with in both word and action. You may need to revise your outlook and may be change it to align with what you don't like about Dylann Roof.

Linda and Bob Parker said...

“For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?” These are the words of Mr Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. We are sure Jane Austen would have been delighted with Karl Greenberg's writing. His books are a delight and far from being racist are simply to amuse, as he pokes fun at himself, authority and anyone who deserves it, whether black or white. We are at a loss to understand how anyone could consider 'The Gokwe Kid' likely to be an influence towards evil.

From an historical point of view we have always believed that UDI was the result of a desire by hard working people to protect the fruits of their industry from ruin. That may be unpalatable to a judgemental modern generation but was borne out in tragic truth. Rhodesia had a very low crime rate, it's police were largely unarmed and everyone was fed. Hardly the blueprint for the racist, white supremacist beliefs of a lunatic like Dylann Roof.

Linda and Bob Parker

Anonymous said...

Not sure Dylan Roof read your book but you're being a bit narcissistic (again) in thinking its all about you . There's a facebook site called Last of The Rhodesians which consists of pretty wildlife photos - get over yourself !!! Still its a step in the right direction that you've changed it from condone in the original posting on another site to condemn in this one - get yourself a decent proof reader . And not sure I would put you on the same level as Jane Austen but each to their own !!