Monday, August 04, 2014

The Gokwe Kid – Rouge Rhodie on a Roller : Part 9

Day : Not a clue

It is Monday – tell me why I don't like them

I am still in this place. I like it. So - done nothing ( I had a haircut -Euro 2,50),but, I was attacked by savage man eating bears and wolves last night. I fought them off by screaming like a girl – but....

Eish, the tent was in a bad way. I tried a Rhodoe fix it job but luckily, it survived a serious rain storm – only to collapse on my head at about 4 in the mourning (no spelling mistake).

Rhodies are hardcore. First we need some coffee

Then, what do you do when you need a new tent in the arse end of the Czech Republic? Easy, you simply pop down to the local TESCO hypermarket (yes, do not choke on your drink as you read this - it is all true),and blow me down with a frozen stave, they have a special offer on three man tents. Well, I only needed one  - job done.

And so the great Gokwe Kid, smart as a shiny sixpence, works out the old tents poles make a cool flag pole.

Now - I am hungry...

tra la la....

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