Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Gokwe Kid – Rogue Rhodie on a Roller (Part 3)

When I was a little boy, I joined the St John's ambulance brigade in Salisbury. I was forced to leave in disgrace after I attempted to see if the mouth to mouth resuscitation dummy might be capable of a few other tricks.

This is of course besides the point. One thing they did teach me was that when you come across an accident and there appears to be absolute gallons of rapidly congealing blood – do not panic. Drag the incident away and wait a bit. Then try to guess how much has oozed out. This you do by looking at the incredible red mess all over the drag. And you reckon – Eish, easily 20 pints.

Wrong, so wrong. You are actually referring to what you drank last night – not the bloodbath zone. Now, you wait a bit more till the grunge is nice and stiff and sweep it up into a pile. Pick out the twigs, granite gravel and car parts and ….amazingly, you could put the lot in a large Coca-Cola bottle.

This is because it is all an illusion. Smoke and mirrors. Now when you look at the pictures of all I am taking, you may just think – 'he is mad'. You are correct, but just like that pool of congealed blood, pack it right - all will be perfect to write about.

 Before that – a small word from my sponsors -

Thanks Paul Cullin, Dublin, who has now a sticker of the pub he works for on the roller.

Thanks, Chris Whitehead, the owner and publisher of Rhodesians Worldwide. (You get loads of promo china.)

I have not forgotten others. They will pop up in pictures as I go along.

Okay – here is the roller, washed and decked out with stickers yesterday.

Here is the roller today...

AND – all that stuff was easily packed and I even threw in a few more socks and jocks.

Tomorrow I concentrate on Hi-Tech (the Notebook is new with Windows 8 and I have not a clue), and photo copy all important documents - including a blank death certificate.

Sponsorship is still open.

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