Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Gokwe Kid – Rogue Rhodie on a Roller (Part 2)

Hi all. As promised. The latest update.

Well, time is ticking down on the clock (unless you own a digital one, in which case you hear nothing, until it screams its stupid head off with those nerve racking beeps that tell you to go to work with totally frayed nerves).

Sadly, I have been forced to work a bit this week. Luckily, it rained today, so - knocked off early.
Getting home, rather bedraggled and steaming a strange musty cloud, I had a look in the Old Paper recycling bin.

Yes, yes. I had a delivery. Ah, you might say, but I had missed a couple because I had to work hard for my money (not). So they leave a card. On the back you tell them where to deliver. Neighbour or a secret place. Well, as I live in a Cul de Sac and the only dodgy person I have ever seen around here is me when I shave, it was logical.

What mad thief would look in the paper bin?

So, I am only missing the 12volt charger for the notebook. That is coming from the UK. (Panic.)

Meanwhile, back in the land of lunacy, my sponsors are cropping up thick and thin. Thin as not many, and thick because they are coughing up some nice dosh. Therefore, yet again, thanks to Sue Duffy and Charm Smillie. But it was this touch I loved – Rainer and Ali Obergrussberger want this sticker on my roller – so CUTE.

Now – here are pictures of my trusty roller (not sure about that, it wouldn't start yesterday, until I gave it a kick), before it is washed and full of promotion and sponsor stickers.

Then I mused over how I am going to pack everything. In these pictures, I have a bad feeling that this will not work.

Finally. Here is all that I plan to take. Yes.... (and if some dimwit says 'where is the kitchen sink', I will defriend them). Soooooo. It looks like a lot. BUT, as a Rhodie... I have a plan. I can always reduce by one pair of socks and underpants.

To wrap up. Why are underpants called a 'pair' when it is just one object with three holes?

Ah, hang on - I have a great idea. I could sort of  'sit' on the sit... 


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