Monday, October 21, 2013

Me, Ian Smith, JewBoy Kissinger and the Slope back stabbers

To hell with it all I say. And I do say it. My PC kicked up something rotten a few days ago and I couldn’t access my own blog!

Okay – this is a long way from perfect – but who cares? There is a snippet from the BBC out there but I recorded the whole thing ‘live’ in 1976. The end of our world – except we landed up plucking lemons from a tree –
The plumbs of course gapped it with loads of dosh and left the kids to fight the retreat. Yeah – Rhodesia was Super.

What you will now listen to is history – Nothing is so far away as yesterday. Smith, for all his mistakes, knew perfectly well when he called for ‘responsible government’; he/we, didn’t have a bloody chance if Mugabe and Co took over.

Ah – who gives a shit about a land the size of Texas in the piss-pot continent of Africa???  

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