Monday, October 21, 2013

Achtung Baby!

Just when things were getting serious low and I stagger into my flat with my mouth semi-numb, stuffed with blood soaked newspaper (er, cottonwool), in terrible shock from having 20 odd needles penetrate my gums – I realised I had forgotten to stop by the local DIY for a DIY hanging rope.

(Did you know they actually sell them only to over 18s and carry a health warning? A bit like fag packets. ‘Hanging yourself could lead to terminal death and blisters around your neck.’

Best bit is the small print. ‘Please dispose of the plastic bag this hanging rope is supplied in before you freely and voluntary stand on a bucket before kicking it over leaving you kicking it - as small children could suffocate on it.’

Charming. Mother comes home; Daddy is swinging and junior is blue in the face.

All beside the point because…guess who just turned up via Email? Yup the long awaited guardian angel. Eish, why the hell she leaves it so long?

Well, this HUGE bit of news is for all of you that fancy doing some writing. I don’t peddle snake oil - this is for real and this is for free. Regardless that I have my DPL LCW after my name – I was instantly hooked. I enrolled immediately and signed up to be ABastard. (Oops, spelling mistake – Ambassador.)

The course ’The Future Of Storytelling’ runs for eight weeks and is in English by Fachhochschule Potsdam, Germany.
No exams, 30 mins a week of material and maybe 2-3 hours a week of your input.

Now if lots and lots of you join via this link

I might get a free mini Ipad and also a once a week blog. So – help me out and at the same time get some great ideas and tips about how to write. Be quick hey – the course starts on the 25th. Enrolment is simply your name and Email address.

THIS is all FREE and not spam.

Love ya all and GO FOR IT.

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