Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Green Leader - and the propaganda

Green Leader

Now this is very interesting – just received an Email asking for some help, but first some clarification –

Now all clever Rhodies, know that the attack on Joshua Nkoma’s compound in Zambia was one serious massive ball’s up. From what I gather, our own Ken Flower, the Boss of the Central Intelligence Organisation -  was a double agent and tipped the Brits to tell fat man not to be there.

So many people and some serious money were pumped into one of the biggest lemons of the war. Propaganda for whities ran at full steam – resulting in the notorious ‘Green Leader’ tape along with an absurd - sing – a- long, Rhodesia is Super, type folksie music.

Of course, omitted in the happy song about how clever we were to take control of Zambian airspace ( which at that time a child of ten with a FN mounted on a microlight could have done), was the before and after tape recordings. Besides the graphic language, it makes no excuse that the whole ‘Green Leader’ speech was a piece of theoretical drama. This anyone can find out easily – but back to my Email and request for help –

And I quote – (lets get one thing very clear, I am a writer and a rather good amateur historian backed up by my step-mom, former Head of History at St Georges College and presently doing her PhD in Porkies and Not Porkies of Literature related to the Bush War’) –

Hello China,

Enjoy your site and bought your Gokwe book so I reckon you owe me a favour for keeping you in beer for 24 hours, eh? 

You're obviously into music, although I never read anything about any John Edmond Troopie tunes being played on Kleine order Grösse Precious, but I figure you may know anyway.


This video is a seeming cover version of the original Edmond's Green Leader Theme.  But its bugging me that I cannot find out who is singing the bugger, as in my opinion its superior to the original, if only for the inclusion of the actual Canberra attack recording on the terrs by the late Chris Dixon with accompanying harmonica at the start.  

Can you help me out? Cheers bru!


Anyone got any ideas?

And as for the so called ‘elections’ – yeah, I am not holding my breath.

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