Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simply the Pest – the latest.

Okay, okay, I know. I have been ignoring my blog a bit. Very naughty. I have been spending too much time causing mayhem on Facebook (as you do). Only today some boring farts took offence to some of my brilliant wit – to wit this picture . I mean, where is the problem? 

The new Pope promotes my book.

I will tell you quickly about this picture. I gather it has gone viral (Not my version.) All sorts of nutty plonkers think they see a shadow of the Devil there on the right. That is the bit circled by some clown who sent it out. When this popped up on my Facebook, I grabbed the bull by the horns. Added the words ‘This is me’ and for good measure added the sTp logo. Of course that is a trademark of a bunch of con-artists (look them up on Wikipedia.) I will rearrange it into StP and use monochrome and most probably a square as a picture for my book. 

Now. The next book StP. The good news! It is almost a wrap. Most of it formatted and only a couple of chapters I await from my editor. So, in theory, two- three weeks and it should be ready, firstly for Kindle and other eReaders, and a bit later in print.

Here is the cover I have been working on. I like it. The back needs rewriting and still haven’t decided on a picture. Note how I have inverted the colours from the Gowe Kid. Ignore the thick black border. That gets trimmed by the publisher.

Now the bad news -  Erm, (cough, cough, look up at ceiling, scratch at brown eye, place a finger up a nostril and contemplate an honest answer) – well… Ah – It is Good, it is Bad and it is Ugly, but most of all, hilarious.

Here is pic of most of it printed out for me to bore myself to death checking it for formatting and any obvious P and G errors that have snicked through.

I promise to keep you all posted.

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