Friday, October 12, 2012

The Gokwe Kid - Oktoberfest 2012

Hi all. Well, that turned out to be a bit of a lemon. First the weather was shite and I was roped in to help my eldest build up flat packed furniture and install lights etc, for his new pad in Munich. Some of the instructions beggared belief. Timi, my youngest, also helped out and was extremely puzzled whilst building a set of drawers that the instructions stopped at phase two and were then repeated for another three pages!

So it was Wednesday the 3rd before I finally got to M.O.A.P (Urban Dictionary - Mother Of All Parties) around the Oktoberfest, peddling my masterpiece. It was German reunification day , a public holiday, so it was well attended by wealthy Germans. No one else can afford the place. No Aussies or Kiwis and Surf Africans around. I rocked up a week too late. Oh well. I did rope in some new groupies though…

A litre of the specially brewed beer is now 10 Euros. I recall in 1980, when I first went to the fest it was a quarter of the price. As for eating something like half a roast chicken – you need to take out a second mortgage.

The Sword of Damocles is still hanging over my head with my last submitted Open University exam. It seems my redesigning of a hand powered tool (to wit - a vibrator), didn’t go down (or up) very well. Ag shame hey! Still, next week on Thursday I have the BIG exam and that is that. Just need 40% and job done.

I have noticed that Amazon has dropped the price of my book! That has nothing to do with me. I hope they still pay me my massive £1.40 odd royalties per copy.

Plus, things are moving VERY fast for me. Stay tuned…