Monday, August 20, 2012

THE GOKWE KID – Now on Amazon

Yes, this is it. Finally after almost a decade of procrastinating I have done it. The book that will have everyone talking about is FINISHED.

Er, sort of. I gave up waiting for certain people to keep certain promises, so I simply in the end did it myself – and a jolly good result indeed. (With a little help from my friends.)

So, here is the plan – I don’t have time with massive university exams looming, to get this into print yet, BUT – it is an eBook.

The Gokwe Kid – Dick of the Bushveld (Part One) is available NOW from Amazon

Now if you are wondering what the heck is Part 1 about…well, er, it turns out the goddamn book, along with the pictures, was simply too huge! Something like 400 pages (A4)!

So I split it and Part 2 will be out this coming weekend. As Part 1 only went active this very morning, it may still take a bit of time before people outside the UK can buy it.

At this present time, Amazon hasn’t got pricing into place as is takes couple of more days as the different rates go through their servers for all the Amazon.countries, etc. But you can buy it - Price is £2.02. Just click buy. Why such a dumb ass price? I priced it 20% lower, uploaded the whole thing and the bastards whacked on VAT!

So, please buy and tell your friends – I am seriously destitute. There are three freebie chapters on Amazon as well, including pictures. And don’t forget to write lots of nice things on Amazon and Facebook and 5 star it. Also on the Amazon page is a ‘like’ button.

Part Two, will be available in a weeks time! Here is the cover. 

I have a new dedicated email address for all my fans to contact me and I promise to reply

And I have this special address for trolls –

Many thanks to all of you who have waited so long and helped me with info, feedback and comments. Keep it up.

AND – as I composed this for my blog – I had put up a smaller version of it on various Facebook sites and a complete stranger,Catherine MT has bought a copy! Fame at last.

So off you go and buy and read and laugh and cry over the adventures of the great
 Gokwe Kid – Dick of the Bushveld

I will keep you posted…

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Unknown said...

Fab - still think you should have done a paper back version as well first - but hey ho